We pay you to accommodate dietary needs.

How Does It Work?

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Customers Ask Questions

Customers want to know if their needs can be met before showing up.

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"Tips" Are Attached to Requests

Customers pay you for going out of your way to accommodate their needs.

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Tip Earned When Customer Eats

Earn the tip once your team has made good on the original accommodations agree on.

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Who Is This For?

We are looking for full-service restaurants in Toronto that go above and beyond to accommodate dietary needs.

Ideally you can answer questions about ingredients and food preparation methods before customers show up, have some flexibility to accommodate dietary needs, and you are knowledgeable about gluten and dairy.

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More Questions? We've Got Answers.

Questions are focused on helping consumers determine if they can eat at your restaurant (before showing up). For example, someone may want to know if a burger contains dairy, and whether you can check ingredient labels for the buns. Or, a customer may want to know if a spaghetti dish can be made gluten-free, and if your restaurant is willing to cook the pasta in a fresh pot of water.

That's ok! If you are unable to answer a question, you can say you don't know. People with dietary needs understand information isn't always available. People with dietary needs are focused on gathering as much information as they can to determine if they are comfortable taking the risk.

We also provide tips on how to answer questions, and where to find information.

Don't worry, you are not responsible or liable for any mistakes that are made. People with dietary needs understand the risks associated with dining out, and realize you can never gaurantee zero cross-contamination.

However, if a mistake is made you may not be eligible to collect the full tip amount.